Select Youth Basketball Teams

MI Boys Basketball Booster Club (MIBBBC) organizes select teams for 5th thru 8th graders to compete in ETL and Cascade leagues. Players for these teams are selected through a try out process and all interested players are encouraged to participate. All try-outs are held at Mercer Island High School at the dates and times announced shortly after start of school year. Team selection is based on player skills, potential, attitude, and effort. Making a team one year does not guarantee a player will make the team the next year. In fact, historically there are always roster changes from one year to the next. All players need to attend both try-out dates for their grade level.

To learn more about our select program and all it entails please read MI Youth Select Basketball Program Summary.

A brief description of the select teams is provided below.

Eastside Traveling League Team (ETL)

ETL is the highest caliber of youth basketball available on the Island. ETL is the best choice for kids who are seeking more competitive play, are willing to prioritize the ETL team over other sports or teams during the basketball season, and who are willing and able to devote material time to practices, training, games, and tournaments. The ETL teams are sponsored by MIBBBC typically have 12 players on a team. Participants on an ETL team will not all get the same playing time, but they will have fun, compete, and develop solid fundamental skills. Details can vary by team/coach but the ETL teams generally practice twice a week and play one home game and one away game every week during the season that lasts from December to March.

Cascade Team (Cascade)

The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade Cascade teams are the next highest caliber teams available. The Cascade teams will typically have 12 players on a team. These teams are best for players who want to play competitive basketball but are also seriously pursuing interests in other sports, arts etc. during the season. The Cascade teams also require a material commitment of time, but not as much as ETL.

Boys & Girls Club (MIBGC) Rec. Teams

The Boys and Girls Club offers recreational boys basketball teams for Kindergarten - 9th grade. There are no try-outs; everyone who wants to play can get on a team as long as space is available. Practices are once a week and there is one game a week as well. Contact Mercer Island Boys & Girls Club website for more details.